10 Tips & Tricks for Sketch

Last year I started working as a User Experience Designer and began to work with Sketch. It was very easy for me to switch from Photoshop and I can really recommend you to try out Sketch. In this post I want to share some things I’ve learned while working with it.

1. Learn the “Insert”-Shortcuts

Screenshot 2014-07-11 14.06.00
What are the most common objects you need to insert into a design? It’s creating a new Artboard A, Insert Text T and creating Rectangles R or Ovals O.

2. Always have the right zoom

– 100% Zoom: ⌘CMD + 0
– See the whole design on your screen (Overview): ⌘CMD + 1
– Zoom to a specific object: Select the object and press ⌘CMD + 2

Screenshot 2014-07-11 14.13.46

Screenshot 2014-07-11 14.13.57

3. Scrolling

If you don’t work on a touchpad and ask yourself how to scroll left or right: Just use ⇧Shift + SCROLL.

4. Hide/Show sidebars

If you’re working on a smaller screen you can Show/Hide the (left) Layer-List-Sidebar and (right) Inspector Sidebar via ⌘CMD + ⌥Alt + 3. (If you only want to hide the left sidebar: ⌘CMD + ⌥Alt + 1, or the right: ⌘CMD + ⌥Alt + 2).

Screenshot 2014-07-11 14.16.57

5. Presentation mode

If you press ⌘CMD + . you switch to the “presentation” mode, the perfect mode to show your work to your clients.

6. Ruler

With Ctrl + R you can show/hide a ruler on the top. With a double-click on the ruler you can add lines and by dragging the lines to the left or the right, you can remove them.
Screenshot 2014-07-11 14.21.16

Philipp made an awesome GIF for you to visualize the behaviour:

7. Moving objects

My favorite feature of Sketch is to see the margins between objects. Just select the object and press ⌥Alt.
You can also select a second object to see the distance between them, by simply moving your mouse over.
Screenshot 2014-07-11 14.25.55
With the arrow keys you can move selected objects 1px and by holding the ⇧Shift Key you can move them 10px per click.

8. See margins while moving

You can hold the ⌥Alt Key to see the margins of the Object while moving!

9. Resizing objects

Pressing ⌘CMD + Arrow resizes Objects. As can you might guess, holding ⇧Shift + ⌘CMD + Arrow you can resize Objects in 10px units.

10. Naming and grouping objects

When you have bigger design projects, you notice that naming and grouping objects might be useful.
Every time I create a new object I immediately press ⌘CMD + R and give this object a meaningful name.
For example: I want to create a Button. So I select all Objects and press ⌘CMD + G to group the objects. After that, I press ⌘CMD + R and type in “Button”.
Screenshot 2014-07-11 14.49.20

Bonus: Resources

On sketchappsources.com you can find a great collection of free design resources for Sketch 3 – I can recommend you to use them in your projects.

Update: Duplicate Objects

If you don’t want do press ⌘CMD + C and ⌘CMD + V all the time, you can duplicate objects with ⌘CMD + D. Thanks to Clark Wimberly for this Tip.

If you find it irritating when duplicated objects have the same position as the original you can set up an offset in the preferences.
Screenshot 2014-07-15 23.14.42

I hope you found some of this tips useful and can improve your work in Sketch. If you have some other tips, please share them with me and I’ll extend this list.

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